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Let's enjoy the toys vividly. A 'play pet' made from a combination of Little Toy's assembly toys(blocks) and mobile apps.

    There are a series of dog blocks, but in each ‘play pet’, one dog block is randomly embedded. It arouses curiosity, leading the fun collecting all series. 

Assemble the block to make a pet. After completing your pet toy, play the application and take the pet with a camera. Then, amazingly you can meet an alive dog in AR.

     With this vivid dog, study and play a game.

It gives you a description of the dog's name and characteristics so you can learn and a game that children can enjoy with a live pet!

     Little Toy's Play Pet, which I recommend to parents who want to give their children both education and fun at once. Also included is candy, which should not be left out of Little Toy.

Play pet

Box  : 6 x 12

MOQ : 72ea

Chocolate Weight : 6g

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